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What is Bring Your Own Device?

Put simply, BYOD is a solution where students bring their own devices to school in order to access the internet and/or school network by Wi-Fi, be it a tablet, laptop or other devices.

Students, parents or guardians, purchase and maintain their own device which will be used at school and at home for learning activities.

To make our rollout of BYOD as simple as possible, we have assembled this menu to outline the requirements for device specifications, and some advice on which types of devices are best suited to assisting student learning. What software is supplied to students at no cost? What online services come with your enrollment in Kingscliff High School?

BYOD changed in 2022

From 2022 a BYOD iPad with a keyboard is mandatory at Kingscliff High School for Years 7 and 8.

From 2023 a BYOD iPad with a keyboard is mandatory at Kingscliff High School for Years 7, 8, and 9. For years 10 to 12 a device is still optional, the device can be an iPad, Chromebook, Windows Laptop or Apple Laptop.

What Device should I buy?

What software is available?

Frequently Asked Questions

Parental controls assist parents monitor and limit what their children do online.

Digital Devices 2022 Years 7 and 8 iPad Parent Information

How to connect to the school wifi.

What is Kingscliff High Schools BYOD rules?

What website services are available?

Parent Information Brochure
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