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Year 8

Your child should be settling into high school by now. Attend any parent-teacher events offered. Meeting your child's teachers makes it easier to communicate with the school if there are issues.

Homework and study

If your child seems to be struggling with the difficulty of the work or getting organised to get it done, contact the year adviser.

Remind your child to write any due dates for assessments or exams on their term assessment planner as soon as possible. Use the study timetable to schedule enough time in the weeks and days before assessments, tests and exams. This is a vital habit for students to learn now. In Year 8, students sit VALID tests, assessing their knowledge and skills in science.


From Term 2 onwards, schools will ask Year 8 students to select electives for Year 9. Go to the information events and ask questions. Discuss elective choices with your child. Encourage them to choose subjects they enjoy and expect to do well in. Year 9 electives are about following interests, not setting up career paths. For some students, vocational education and training (VET) subjects may be an option in Years 9 and 10.


Year 8 is a time of shifting relationships for many. Your child may experiment with friendships, push boundaries and want to spend more time away from the family. Balance is important. Know who they're hanging out with in person and online. Know how much screen time your child is having – it can interfere with important sleep, exercise and study time.

If bullying becomes an issue, always contact the school.

The NSW anti-bullying website also provides resources and information for students, teachers, parents and carers.

Choosing electives

At the end of Year 8, students will need to select the elective subjects they will study in Years 9 and 10. When making their decisions, students might consider their interests, what they're good at, their past performance and future career options.

Students can choose from the following electives in Yr 9/10:

Agricultural Technology




Food Technology

Global Studies

Graphics Technology

Industrial Technology – Electronics

Industrial Technology – Engineering

Industrial Technology – Metal

Industrial Technology – Multimedia

Industrial Technology – Timber

Information & Software Technology

International Studies


Marine & Aquaculture Technology


Performing Arts – Dance (Classical Ballet)

Photography & Digital Media

Physical Activity & Sport Studies

Textiles Technology

Visual Art

Visual Design

Please note: There is no guarantee all courses will run (dependent on numbers).