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Society and culture

The central concern of Society and Culture Stage 6 is the interaction of persons, societies, cultures, environments and time. Society and Culture draws on cross-disciplinary concepts and social research methodologies from anthropology, communication, cultural studies, media studies, philosophy, psychology, social ecology and sociology.

Society and Culture has direct relevance to the immediate needs of students and to their future lives by enabling students to develop understanding of:

  • themselves
  • their own society and culture
  • the societies and cultures of others.

Society and Culture integrates subject matter, concepts and methodologies. Concepts provide tools for organising and understanding subject matter. They provide a common core of ideas that spiral through the course. The fundamental course concepts are persons, society, culture, environment and time.


The Social and Cultural World

The focus of this study is the interactions between persons, societies, cultures and environments, both in contemporary society and in societies across time.

Personal and Social Identity

The focus of this study is the process of socialisation, and the development and coming of age of individuals in a variety of social and cultural settings.

Intercultural Communication

The focus of this depth study is showing how people in different social, cultural and environmental settings can better understand each other and their world.

HSC Core

Personal Interest Project

The personal interest project is integrated across the whole HSC course and draws together the interests, research skills and personal experiences of the student.

Social and Cultural Continuity and Change

The focus of this study is to understand the nature of social and cultural research methodologies and apply the fundamental concepts of Society and Culture within the context of continuity and change in a selected country.

Popular Culture

The focus of this study is the interconnection between the individual and popular culture.

Belief Systems

The focus of this study is the role of belief systems in personal life and in relationship to societies, cultures and environments through time.

Equality and Difference

The focus of this study is the nature of equality and difference in societies and cultures.

Work and Leisure

The focus of this study is the role of work and leisure in society and culture.