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Parent controls


At Kingscliff High School we want to support all families to ensure their child has the best possible device for learning. Our junior school years 7, 8, 9 and 10 are on the BYO iPad device program. If you already have an iPad device for your child, it is important to ensure it has the right specifications that enables learning. The digital device team at KHS has prepared a Device Checklist – Stage 4&5 that you can use for this purpose or for reference when purchasing a new device.

Parents and carers will also find purchasing details on the device checklist page. For parents and carers who for some reason are unable to provide a device for their children, KHS have some support structures in place. Please contact the Digital Device team to discuss these support structures.

Who is responsible for the device?

The NSW Department of Education BYOD policy states the following responsibilities:

  • The department of education is responsible for the surveillance and monitoring of its computer systems to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity and availability of services.
  • The principal is responsible for developing and implementing the school's BYOD policy.
  • The student is responsible for abiding by the school's policy and the department's Online Communication-Acceptable Usage for School Students.
  • Student devices are not covered by Treasury Managed Fund. Insurance is the responsibility of parents/caregivers and students.

Read the NSW DoE BYOD policy for more information.

Parent controls

Parental controls assist parents to monitor and limit what their children do online. There are many tools available and they all offer different features, but it is important to know that no tool is 100 per cent effective at blocking access to inappropriate content. Most tools:

  • Can block children from accessing specific websites, protocols or applications
  • filter different kinds of content, like sexual content
  • enable parents to monitor use with reports on site accessed
  • understand and monitor the length of time frequency of access
  • can be used to set time limits
  • can enable blocking access after a set time-handy if you are not home and want to limit the time your child spends on a game or social media
  • allow parents to change the tool settings to reflect each child's age and skills

Quick video: How to use parental control tools – Australian Govt eSafety Commissioner Office

For the most recent advice and step by step guides for Apple products please use the below link to apply parental controls to your child's device. If you need practical support to do this, contact the school for a parent information/ workshop evening.

Use parental controls on your child's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – Apple Support (AU)

For some social media apps students use regularly see the below links for parental control guides, protecting personal information and reporting online abuse.

Parental controls in social media, games, and apps.pdf (

Taming the technology | eSafety Commissioner