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KHS WAVE program

We All Value Education Reports

The WAVE Report measures student learning behaviours against The WAVE Performance Continuum (see below for more information). Following a progressive phase during 2016, WAVE Reports are generated for every student in Years 7 – 12 twice a term and sent via the parent portal to parents and carers. The report assists parents and carers in encouraging their children to be active towards their learning and to strive to reach their personal best.

The aims of the WAVE Report are to:

  • Enrich positive and respectful relationships between students, parents and teachers.
  • Engage our learning community in a manner supportive of teaching, learning and student success.
  • Provide an opportunity for regular and structured performance evaluation measured against the school's core values, twice a term.
  • Clearly identify students at all levels of The WAVE Performance Continuum
  • Provide recognition to students who demonstrate positive behaviour.
  • Provide support to students who are showing signs of disengagement.
  • Clearly identify students who are having difficulties in a particular subject relative to other subjects.

WAVE reports should be read in conjunction with Academic Progress Reports, which reflect levels of learning achievement as opposed to learning behaviours. Academic Progress Reports will be issued at the end of each Semester. The content of both WAVE Reports and Academic Progress Reports for your child can be discussed with their teachers at scheduled Parent – Teacher Evenings during the year.

Discussing WAVE results presents teachers with an objective, data based opportunity to talk with students about where they are falling short of expectations, so that negative learning behaviours can be addressed and modified.