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Economic decisions have a crucial influence on the quality of life experienced by people throughout the world. The study of economics can help individuals, groups and societies make choices that assist them to improve their quality of life.

The study of Economics Stage 6 allows students to develop knowledge and understanding, skills, attitudes and values using subject matter and methodology that suit their interests. The course benefits students when they pursue further education and training, employment and active participation as citizens.

The Global Economy

The focus of this study is the operation of the global economy and the impact of globalisation on individual economies.

Australia's Place in the Global Economy

The focus of this topic is an examination of Australia's place in the global economy and the effect of changes in the global economy on Australia.

Economic Issues

The focus of this topic is the nature, causes and consequences of the economic issues and problems that can confront contemporary economies.

Economic Policies and Management

This topic focuses on the aims and operation of economic policies in the Australian economy and hypothetical situations