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Stage 4


An exciting and innovative approach to Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) secondary education at Kingscliff High School started in 2022 and will continues.

Stage 4 students at Kingscliff High School will be in classes in a structure where each KLA works collaboratively to create engaging and authentic learning experiences for our students. These allow specialist teachers to move across the various Stage 4 classes to engage students in all subjects, sharing their expertise and teaching. The Stage 4 staff are dedicated and committed to driving student learning through cross curricula integrated learning and projects. This ensures that we are celebrating individual growth through real world, respectful and passionate learning on Bundjalung land.

Stage 4 staff are a dynamic and diverse team of teachers who are committed to delivering quality education and working collaboratively to develop engaging units of work that incorporate deep and connected syllabus requirements across all KLAs. The learning spaces are dynamic and emphasise student and teacher collaboration while encouraging critical thinking skills, a safe place for creativity, and through Individualised Learning Plans and goal setting formats, students critically reflect on their learning journey.

Stage 4 teachers utilise a new approach to teaching, working collaboratively to co-plan, co-teach and co-assess students in an exciting and engaging curriculum model with strong foundations in literacy and numeracy. Stage 4 learning offers a unique way for students to begin their high school adventure by identifying their own educational pathway through the HPGE (high potential and gifted education) domains acknowledging individual skills in a variety of areas. Learning involves tailoring resources and cater to every student and how they learn. Stage 4 staff support every student to achieve their educational potential intellectually, creatively, and via social-emotional and physical domains.

Learning is not just cognitive, it relies on the development of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Teachers will continue to engage with the 4C Transformative pedagogical learning and embed an understanding of the 9 dispositions and the value each of these bring to developing the whole person throughout their educational journey. Students will reflect on their strengths and yet to be strengths by looking at themselves as learners through the lens of these dispositions.

This innovative and exciting approach to delivery aligns with our School Improvement Plan (SIP) and each step of the way is mapped to ensure we offer the best possible educational opportunities for our students.

Over the past four years, our school has engaged in research based professional learning on how to improve student learning outcomes by first improving levels of authentic student engagement in learning. Interested parents may like to look at the following:

In addition, we have visited and learnt from a number of other schools that have also sought to engage students more authentically in their learning and, in doing so, improve their school based learning outcomes while also improving their capacity to achieve success beyond school. Interested parents may like to look at the following: